Check yer guns at the Sheriff's office,
then come on in!

Champêtre shom-pay'tr adj. having to do with the countryside, nature, outdoors literal translation: 'to be in the field'

Here at Champêtre County, we bring you back in time, to the innocence and beautiful reality of childhood. We do this in a Western atmosphere where we handle the problems, while our guests sit back and enjoy.

We like to introduce people to the Saskatchewan prairies, the place we call home. We do this through the various activities that we offer, the meals we serve, and the hospitality we provide. We are open year round so we can promote the beautiful starkness of the winter prairies as well as the hot summers that we all enjoy.

You will leave Champêtre County with an inner peace, having experienced the simpler things in life, while learning about Saskatchewan and the prairies in a unique way.

Come be a part of the family!

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